DDN Frequently Asked Questions

You’re sure to have questions when deciding whether to choose DDN. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you make an informed decision,

If you have questions that are not covered here or need further clarification, we encourage you to contact Dealer Direct Support Team. Call 888-464-2748 or email support@gmdealerdirect.ca.

Costs will simply be billed monthly to your BARS account similar to the ad hoc Campaign process.

The Dealer Direct Support team can assist you with any questions or inquiries including the updates of your contact information as well as your playlist preferences. They can be reached by calling 888-464-2748 or email support@gmdealerdirect.ca.

GM will no longer be supporting IDDN platform. If you stay with IDDN, you will miss out on new interactive tools like CPO inventory live feed, authorized branded content (including in-market campaign content), and significant cost savings.

No, you do not have to sign a contract with DDN. You do have the flexibility and freedom of going month-to-month and the convenience of directly billing your BARS account at the beginning of each month.

For the best performance, DDN recommends commercial-grade HD TV screens with full HD1080p or higher for a more durable longer life span and high quality visibility from any viewing angle, and a high-speed Internet connection for each digital TV screen.

DDN is easy and simple to set-up and get started. Contact Dealer Direct Support to tell us how many Chromeboxes you need, your preferred playlist for each box and we’ll configure and ship the boxes to you. DDN’s plug-n-play service works with your existing commercial-grade digital TVs. Click here to get some ideas on where to strategically install your TV screens at your dealership, for the biggest impact.

For your convenience, there are a couple of different ways to set up and manage your playlist.

To self-service, go to www.gmdealerdirect.ca/ddn where you can find a representation of your TV monitor(s) and their respective playlist which had been set up during the onboarding process by the Dealer Direct Support team. You can easily manage the content by simply removing, replacing or adding videos that suite the message, season, event, or experience you want to convey.

Or, you can simply contact the Dealer Direct Support Team to assist you in making the changes or updates to your playlist. Call 888-464-2748 or email support@gmdealerdirect.ca

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