At the heart of DDN are versatile customer-centric playlists that are designed to educate, inform, and persuade. Each high-quality video provides up-to-the-minute content that is GM approved and brand compliant.


Brand Playlist

This playlist is GM-sponsored and promotes brand-compliant content on a broader corporate scale, creating a dynamic brand experience for customers.

Sample Playlist
  • Product – Features, aesthetics, launches
  • Edutainment – Reminders for regular maintenance, winter tires, oil changes, etc.
  • Events – Auto shows, Calgary Stampede
  • Lifestyle – Dare Greatly, Cadillac Drive Academy, Amazing Race

Retail Playlist

This playlist is GM-sponsored and presents retail-specific content, directed towards promoting campaigns and promotions, as well as increasing sales.

Sample Playlist
  • Dealer Marketing Association (DMA) – Regional service and aftermarket sales offers
  • Regional Marketing and Advertising Board (RMAB) – Campaigns and offers specific to each region
  • Regional sponsorships
  • Pricing – Promotions, retail programs

Local Playlist

The local playlist is dealer controlled. You can modify and promote dealer-specific content, engaging customers with dynamic pre-existing, brand related messaging.

  • Certified Service – Menu Boards
  • Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)
  • Dealer-specific pricing
  • Community programs

DDN: Select, modify and present the right digital content.

Showcases your current Certified Pre-Owned inventory in a continuous video loop, as well as describing the CPO value proposition (warranty, inspection, quality, etc.)

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Modify content by choosing from pre-existing, brand related templates, to create a unique and personalized experience in your dealership.

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